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Kathleen Swalling's Story

When Kathleen Swalling was just a little girl, she knew being by the sea was what made her the happiest. It was only natural that her love of the sea would eventually see her sailing the world. Read and be inspired as we follow Kathleen’s journey through her professional career as a Senior Lawyer for the Great Barrier Reef, managing 70 islands, awarded Female Sailor of the year, to becoming Skipper to a all female race team

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Marian Hutchings Story

Growing up in New Zealand and living next door to a horseracing track, it made sense that Marian developed her love for horses from a very early age. Combine that with netball and swimming, then being introduced to snow and water skiing, white water rafting, dragon boat racing, cycling and then eventually becoming an aerobic instructor whilst working 2 jobs you know this is one ‘full of life’ lady that is taking every opportunity she can.  Read Marian’s story as she takes us through her journey to now travelling the globe with her horse and competing on the dressage circuit.

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Michele Waldon's story

When your Mother and Father have both competed at a high level in water skiing, tennis, golf and then your 85 year old mother decides to take up running…you know you must have good athletic genes.  Michele Waldon comes from a family that has taught her to never say ‘cant’. Read and be inspired by Michele’s journey as she takes us through being a Australian State Level Swimmer, 8 Ironman’s, 1 Kona World Championship, Winning gold in an Adventure Race and recently winning 2 Gold Medals in the Australian Marathon Kayak Championships.

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Lynette's story

When you think of a high performance person with a ‘never give up’ attitude, who has done 14 Ironmans, which included 3 Kona World Championships, 1 Extreme Alaskan Ironman, numerous half Ironmans and triathlons of varying distances, I would like to introduce you to Lynette Warn.  This amazing woman not only does all of that in her spare time, but also has a fulltime job as a Professional Skydiver.  Read and be inspired by Lynette as she takes us through what its like to do an extreme sport as a career.

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