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Your Genes are not your destiny

Personalised Healthcare in the 21st Century – your genes are not your destiny.

Personalised healthcare requires information that is specific to the individual and not just 'one size fits all'. There was considerable publicity surrounding Angelina Jolie’s decision to have surgery in light of her mother’s struggle with breast cancer and her positive test for the BRCA 1 and 2 genes. This decision to act and have surgery was based on access to medically significant genetic information, family history and individual assessment of the risks and benefits of surgery.

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Making Menopause easier – the risks and benefits of HRT

The passage through menopause can be tricky for a lot of women. Losing the support of the estrogen and progesterone female hormones will impact some women more than others. In general, active women can more easily compensate for menopausal symptoms with good lifestyle choices. Alcohol is a big saboteur of menopausal wellness, so it’s important to review your relationship with alcohol if hot flushes are a major issue. Even women on formal HRT can flush after a significant celebratory night out.

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Don’t let menopause sabotage sleep

Guarding good quality sleep is all about stress management as a woman approaches menopause. Menopause will often hit a woman when she's at a transition time with family and work demands. Add an endurance sport to the mix and stress can make it really challenging to walk through that menopause door smoothly. Sleep can be sabotaged either through night sweats, or high stress hormones for other reasons.

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