What you focus on determines how you feel

what you focus on determines how you feel

That is probably one of the most powerful and simple tools to create the life you want. It can literally change your life.

But it's not easy to change focus when things go wrong, right? The reason is that when we experience a negative emotion (anger, frustration, sadness, hate) normally either a fear is triggered or one of our higher values gets attacked and our brain doesn't like either one!

When it detects an attack or a fear it goes into an automated defense mechanism and boy can that be strong. That is a good thing in principle, but unfortunately it is often not very effective and can create a lot of damage, because at that moment it's all about defense and not about having common sense or being smart... . So in order to interrupt this pattern, we need to stop the chain reaction. But how?

Our brain can only think one thought at a time and we can use that to trick it. Because as soon as we force a new thought to be present we get two great effects. One is that we trigger a (calming) positive feeling and two, we interrupt the chain reaction that leads to the reactions we regret later. From automatic unwanted reaction to control.

Practice this:
1. Pick a place where you felt happy, calm and relaxed. Close your eyes and practice "being there" with everything you see, hear and feel.

2. Practice "going" to that place in your mind and feeling how you felt

3. Every time you notice a negative emotion, take a deep breath and execute what you practiced: "Going" to that place

Be patient, this takes practice, but you have everything it takes to make this a powerful tool to control your emotions any time you need it. Imagine having access to inner peace at your will, how would that change your life?

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