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The power of "Yet"

There is a simple and powerful way, how a small adjustment to our language, changes completely how our brain processes a message. Our subconscious mind constantly tries to verify our beliefs and tries to avoid any kind of potential failure.  Unfortunately it often takes the approach that not doing things at all is the best way to prevent failure.  Which is true, but it also prevents success (which many people’s brains care less about than failure), so the cost of not failing is very high and can result in procrastination, frustration and disappointment.   

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Change expectation to appreciation

“Change expectation to appreciation and your life will change”

The background of this goes combines two major principles that determine our inner state.  One is that we can only handle one thought at a time and the other is that what we focus on determines how we feel.  Every thought triggers an immediate emotional response and this is not only key to our inner state, but also how we behave following the thought.  If we have expectations for a certain behavior or response of a person, our subconscious mind has already predetermined what each of the possible responses will mean on a deeper level and any deviation will have its own interpretation.  This is what potentially multiplies the emotional response.

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