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Why keep a eating diary

When people spend a bit of time thinking about a problem or issue they can usually come up with a solution.  Eating is no different.  Whether you want to lose weight, increase your sports performance or just gain a bit of energy and achieve a healthy diet, the answers can be found within.  You just have to look for them, and here’s where an eating diary can help.

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What stress and Yo-Yo dieting can do to your weight management

Is there any wonder why you maybe confused on what and how you should eat in today’s world!  We are constantly bombarded with advertising on the new and latest scientific solution to weight loss.  Whatever eating plan you choose, that you feel is right for you and can constantly stick with, knowing a few things to take into account could be helpful for you.  Below read the effects of stress, on/off dieting and what they can do to your response to weight loss. 

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