The Hormonal Havoc of Peri-menopause

Why is it that a normally placid woman can become so exhausted and irritable prior to her menstrual cycle that she transforms into a suffering and vicious ‘she-wolf’? Why does she begin snapping and snarling at anyone unlucky enough to be in her path? Why is it that a woman can suddenly resemble an over boiling radiator on even the coldest of days? Why does she have to endure the

embarrassment of a flushed, moisture-laden face at the most inappropriate times? Why does she have to change sweat-soaked sheets every morning and don a new outfit every few hours?

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Has anyone Found My Lost Motivation?

We frequently have hear that people want ‘motivation’ for certain tasks or to find out why they ‘lose’ their motivation, i.e. to work out at the gym regularly, to keep the house organized, to stop staying up late and get up earlier in the morning, consistently eat healthier food. You may also have wanted motivation to get started on something or to complete a project left unfinished. Or maybe you’ve wanted motivation to stop a limiting behavior, or to find the motivation to develop a positive behavior.

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Understanding why we Plateau

Results are always the best motivation and it is easier to stick with something when you can see it is working.  Exercise and a healthy eating plan can be fun when you can see the scales going down or our clothes size is getting smaller, or your run time is getting shorter.  The “not-so-good” bit is when your results seem to level off or there seems to be no further progression in terms of weight loss or body-shape changes or an increase in speed or performance.

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The power of "Yet"

There is a simple and powerful way, how a small adjustment to our language, changes completely how our brain processes a message. Our subconscious mind constantly tries to verify our beliefs and tries to avoid any kind of potential failure.  Unfortunately it often takes the approach that not doing things at all is the best way to prevent failure.  Which is true, but it also prevents success (which many people’s brains care less about than failure), so the cost of not failing is very high and can result in procrastination, frustration and disappointment.   

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What stress and Yo-Yo dieting can do to your weight management

Is there any wonder why you maybe confused on what and how you should eat in today’s world!  We are constantly bombarded with advertising on the new and latest scientific solution to weight loss.  Whatever eating plan you choose, that you feel is right for you and can constantly stick with, knowing a few things to take into account could be helpful for you.  Below read the effects of stress, on/off dieting and what they can do to your response to weight loss. 

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Your Genes are not your destiny

Personalised Healthcare in the 21st Century – your genes are not your destiny.

Personalised healthcare requires information that is specific to the individual and not just 'one size fits all'. There was considerable publicity surrounding Angelina Jolie’s decision to have surgery in light of her mother’s struggle with breast cancer and her positive test for the BRCA 1 and 2 genes. This decision to act and have surgery was based on access to medically significant genetic information, family history and individual assessment of the risks and benefits of surgery.

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Change expectation to appreciation

“Change expectation to appreciation and your life will change”

The background of this goes combines two major principles that determine our inner state.  One is that we can only handle one thought at a time and the other is that what we focus on determines how we feel.  Every thought triggers an immediate emotional response and this is not only key to our inner state, but also how we behave following the thought.  If we have expectations for a certain behavior or response of a person, our subconscious mind has already predetermined what each of the possible responses will mean on a deeper level and any deviation will have its own interpretation.  This is what potentially multiplies the emotional response.

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Should I use anti-aging cream

Do face creams and serums work?  The answer is no – and yes.

The claims on your posh new pot of night cream might sound too good to be true, and they probably are!  Unfortunately the cosmetic industry can still make impressive sounding claims that their creams cannot possibly live up to. By definition a cosmetic or ‘cosmeceutical’ cream doesn’t alter the structure or function of the skin (which essentially means they aren’t anti-aging at all). A medicated cream with demonstrable effects on the other hand must be licensed as a medicine (and is significantly more expensive for the company to bring to market). 

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Are you lifiting weights?

There’s an old saying, if you don’t use it, you will lose it” 

This is reflected strongly in the aging process where we experience a significant loss of muscle tissue, bone mineral density, strength, function, vitality, cardio-vascular fitness and a general decline in health.

However, this degeneration is directly related to the decrease in activity.  People, who slow down, as they get older, tend to lead more sedentary lifestyles.  Combine this with a 5-10 pounds loss of muscle per decade and you would be looking at becoming old and weak. 

However, this does not have to happen……….Strength training can reverse all this.

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Making Menopause easier – the risks and benefits of HRT

The passage through menopause can be tricky for a lot of women. Losing the support of the estrogen and progesterone female hormones will impact some women more than others. In general, active women can more easily compensate for menopausal symptoms with good lifestyle choices. Alcohol is a big saboteur of menopausal wellness, so it’s important to review your relationship with alcohol if hot flushes are a major issue. Even women on formal HRT can flush after a significant celebratory night out.

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Don’t let menopause sabotage sleep

Guarding good quality sleep is all about stress management as a woman approaches menopause. Menopause will often hit a woman when she's at a transition time with family and work demands. Add an endurance sport to the mix and stress can make it really challenging to walk through that menopause door smoothly. Sleep can be sabotaged either through night sweats, or high stress hormones for other reasons.

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What you focus on determines how you feel

That is probably one of the most powerful and simple tools to create the life you want. It can literally change your life.

But it's not easy to change focus when things go wrong, right? The reason is that when we experience a negative emotion (anger, frustration, sadness, hate) normally either a fear is triggered or one of our higher values gets attacked and our brain doesn't like either one!

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