If you’re adventurous, active, participating in sporting events, races, active travel and in your mid 40’s and older, its an indicator that you are ‘one of the tribe’…….if you’re not, hopefully the reason you’re here is that you are intrigued to find out how to be! 

The Idea of Women of The New Generation WNG was recognized from observing how middle-aged women that are still competing and engaging in adventurous activities, are generally not in the mainstream media like younger women. Women of The New Generation is about show casing women that are still training, entering races or just going on active adventures. They are making themselves visible, embracing life and setting enthusiastic goals for the future.

Its about connecting and creating a community with like minded active women – to inspire, motivate, educate, and empower women to break the stereotypical view of older women.  

This will be a place where you will be informed about relative educational information that is targeted for middle-aged women and their training needs.  Part of this team will be professionals such as Doctors, Personal development coaches, Dermatologists, and Exercise Physiologists.

Women of The New Generation is where you will read the stories of women who live out their passions daily. Women that are walking their talk, strong, fearless and resilient.  I have no doubt you will be positively awe-inspired.

We are the Women of The New Generation…Lets communicate, Lets energize, Lets share!


Women of the New Generation - WNG

Determined and Motivated

Life Has No Limits